Welcome to Amaysn Reads

Hey y’all!! I’m Natasha (Tasha) and this is my blog Amaysn Reads.  Here are a few things to know about me:

  • I am a 30 something who lives in Texas and work as a legal assistant;
  • I have an elementary aged son who is awesome and will be making appearances on the blog;
  • I am an introvert, homebody, and book reader;
  • I am an avid You Tube watcher! I love booktube!!

I’m sure you’ll figure out more about me through my post.


The idea for this blog began from the idea that parents want to monitor what their children are reading but don’t necessarily have time to “pre-read” books.  I had already begun reading through a couple of middle grade books in anticipation of recommending books to my son (age 8).  I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t allowing him to read anything that was a) too dense for him, which would discourage his reading and b) had content that I did not think he was ready for or that I deemed inappropriate.

In addition to these book reviews for children, I often get asked about what I am currently reading and I wanted a platform to talk about it with a large number of people.

I am just recently rediscovering my true love of reading and so my reading taste is varied. I am trying to decide what I truly enjoy reading. I am a mood reader who requires a little bit of structure.  This means I like to know what I’m going to read next but that choice usually depends on my mood.  I’m also a multiple book reader.  I prefer to be reading at least one novel and one graphic novel or middle grade plus I’m usually listening to an audiobook.   I average approximately 10 books and things a month.  May be more, may be less.

My book reviews are simple and succinct.  I will give you a plot summary, my personal thoughts, and give it a rating.  I’m not a critical reader but I am a diverse reader.  I will try any genre (except maybe horror because I’m a chicken) at least once.

I’m hoping that this will be a place for you to be able to find books for your children to read and good books for you too.

Much love,

Natasha Mays

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