My Favorite Book of 2017 (so far)

The Summer That Melted book cover (US)I’ve read/listened to several books this year.  Some have stayed with me and I think about them often, others I wish I hadn’t wasted the time finishing.  Today we are talking about one that falls in the former category.

I initially ordered The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel   because 1) I thought the cover was beautiful (I mean, seriously gorgeous) and 2) I was watching someone’s book haul on YouTube and it sounded interesting and different.  I decided to read it in April because the curiosity was killing me.  Boy am I glad that I read this book.  The Summer That Melted Everything has easily cemented itself as one of my favorite books this year.

The book begins with an invitation in a newspaper for the devil to come visit Breathed, Ohio.  This book takes you on an adventure that is an evaluation of race; good and evil; religion; and how childhood shapes you as an adult.  McDaniel, in her debut novel, is able to seamlessly weave these themes together in a compelling and bleak story without it ever being preachy or forcing her opinions upon you.

At times, The Summer That Melted Everything, was a very difficult read and I even teared up in parts.  The intensity of the subject matter presented in the book was enough that I often had a visceral reaction to what was happening.  The characters were intensely flawed, well developed and often times unlikable.

I lastly enjoyed that the story took place in Ohio.  Stories that talk about race and religion are usually set during the civil rights movement in Southern America.  I appreciated that this story takes place in the 80’s and in the Mid-West.  I hadn’t read any other books with this setting and this subject matter.  (I’m open to suggestions, if you have them.)

I constantly think about this book, it’s themes, and its characters.  I recommend this book to anyone who will listen and I am anxiously awaiting Tiffany McDaniel’s next novel (whenever that may be).

Much Love,


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