Max Lucado’s “You Are Special”

Every Christian I know has heard of and/or read at least one Max Lucado book or completed one of his Bible studies or devotionals (I know this is true for me).  I had no idea, however, that he also wrote children’s books.  I found You Are Special  while I was wandering the children’s section of my library, looking for books to review for my crazy blog idea.  It piqued my interest because I was interested to see how he would translate his theological teaching to children.

You Are Special cover

This book was fantastic and I could not stop grinning as I was reading this adorable book.  You are Special tells the story of a town called Wemmicksville, a town of wooden people who are created by Eli, their maker.  The townspeople walk around handing out either gold stars or gray stars to things that they deem special or things they deem not so special. Punchniello is the protagonist and he is somewhat mediocre according to the other Wemmicksville people. I will not tell you anything more about the story but I will give you the general moral of the story.

Max Lucado uses this story as a means of teaching children that no matter what the world thinks of you, God thinks you’re special just the way you are because you were made in his  own image. You Are Special acted as a reminder to me and I appreciated that even as an adult. This is an excellent read aloud book for pre-k and elementary children as they are shaping their faith in these early years.  This would be a good book for Sunday School and any church library. The illustrations in the book, with their muted colors and details, were beautiful and the text was minimal.

I highly recommend this to parents who are looking for aides in teaching Christian principles to their children.  Additionally, this is a series of books and each one continues to review basic Christian principles.  I would definitely start here in the series and continue to the next books in the Wemmicksville series.

Much Love,


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