REVIEW: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Uprooted cover (US)Uprooted by Naomi Novik was sold to me as a stand alone fantasy about a girl who is chosen by the Dragon (an actual person, not a dragon) to be taken to his mysterious tower for 10 years then she would be released.  This was the small villages offering to the Dragon for his protection from “The Woods.”  Honestly, the premise left me wanting to know why the village did this and what would happen, so I decided to pick it up at my library.

While the synopsis previously mentioned is accurate, there is more to the plot.  The story is a whirlwind of magic, war, and strength and I have never been so bored.  The book premise was obviously promising but in the end it did not deliver.  After the first 150-200 pages nothing happened and I found myself not caring what happened to the characters or any resolution because the plot was pretty stagnant.

There were a few things I did like.  The early interaction between Agnieszka, the main character, and the Dragon were charged with a lot emotion and tension. Naomi Novik was able to convey this well. Also, the fight scenes were descriptive and the strong female characters were amazing.  Having said that, I feel like the book could of been one hundred pages shorter.  There is a whole section where not much happens.  While I understood the reasoning for this section it just was not appealing and I didn’t care.

As a parental guide there is an attempted rape, a PG-13 sex scene and mild gory violence.  I would recommend this to mature YA readers and up.

This book was not my favorite and I skim read the last 30 pages.  I think with the sea of mixed reviews, this obviously works for some people but this did not work for me.

Much love,

Tasha Mays

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