June/Emojiathon Wrap-up and July TBR

Hey guys! Here are all of the things I read/listened to in the month of June.

I completed a total of 19 things in the month of June with a couple of picture books thrown in (I don’t count those though).  Here is a breakdown of what I read:

  • Physical books: 14
  • Audiobooks: 5
  • Young Adult Books: 9
  • Middle Grade Books: 2
  • Graphic Novels: 3
  • Non-fiction: 2
  • General fiction: 3

Now to talk about my favorites from this month:

Clearly, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas was my favorite book of the month! The awareness in this book was fantastic! I have a full review of this book here.

Also, I have to talk about At the Bottom of the World by Bill Nye the Science Guy and Gregory Mone.  A book I didn’t even know that I need to read and now I recommend this book to teachers and children alike.  I have a full review for this book here.

Dragons Love TacosI do have to shout out Adam Rubin’s Dragons Love Tacos!! This was an adorable picture book that made me and Mays laugh so hard. We were seriously in tears laughing.  I can’t wait to pick up Dragons Love Tacos 2 because I mean what is better than dragons and tacos.  (Please tell me!) 🙂

The best audiobook I listened to this month was easily The Diviner by Libba Bray and narrated by January LaVoy.  The book was atmospheric and creepy but so engaging and intelligent, The narrator was amazing and I can’t wait to get to the next book. I give a mini review of The Diviners here.

EmojiathonI participated in Emojiathon in June and out of the 5 books I put on my TBR, I was able to complete 4 of them.  I was not in the mood for any Toni Morrison, so I will be putting off Paradise for another time (still will be read this year).   It was my first time participating in a readathon and I really enjoyed it.  I know that I plan on participating in more in the coming months and I will post separate TBRs for those.

Lastly, my July TBR.  *sigh*  I initially wrote out a large TBR (or to be read list) for July and then I felt pressure, so I will not be doing a strict TBR for July, I just kinda want to read my shelf and explore new authors.  Having said that, there are a few books that I would like to get around to this month if possible.

  1. Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray – This is the 2nd book in The Diviners Series and I would love to listen to it on audiobook or read the physical copy this month.  The 3rd book in the series comes out later this year, so I would like to be totally caught up on this series.
  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – This will be the first time that I have ever read this book and I am excited.  I feel like this is the point in the series where things really pick up (at least where the movies are concerned).  I can’t wait to read about the Tri-wizard cup for the first time!
  3. Finally, I would like to read the March Trilogy by John Lewis – This graphic novel trilogy is a memoir of Congressman John Lewis’s time during the civil rights movement.  I have been putting this off for too long and I just need to sit down one weekend this month and read it.

I also have a project I’m working on regarding my TBR shelf and books on it, but I will save that for another post.

I have one more favorite to share and it’s my Kindle Paperwhite. To say that I’m a wee bit obsessed would be an understatement.  I LOVE it!  While I still prefer physical books, I am loving how I can read this discreetly and not ruin my paperbacks.  Plus the Overdrive app at my library is awesome and this has opened me up to so many more books.  Isn’t that the goal anyway, read as much as you can?!?!

Anyway, it’s early and I’m a little scatterbrained, but I wanted to get this up for you guys.  Tell me what you are reading this month.  Are you interested in any of these, do you wanna buddy read?  Talk to me in the comments.

Much love,


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