Weekend Reads: October 28

Hey y’all! Not to sound cliche but are we seriously in at the end of October? This month kind of flew by and got away from me.  It definitely shows in my reading this month, but ah well, I will do better in November.  I am clawing my way out of a reading slump that I refuse to accept that I’m in.    I don’t have a lot to do this weekend other than a Fall Festival at the church and some things around the house, I expect to get a whole bunch read. Anyway, here is what I plan on reading this weekend.

I will be finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling.  I know I have said this before but I only have about 200 pages left so this will be what I pick up tomorrow night, after Cub Scouts, and finish.

Next I have three graphic novels that I plan to read. And they are:

The Complete Maus (Maus, #1-2)

Maus Volume 1 and 2 by Art Spiegelman – This is a story of the author’s father’s time in a concentration camp and I have been itching to get to it.  This should be a fast read and I should be able to get one volume read at lunch tomorrow.


The Arrival

The Arrival by Shaun Tan – This will be my first silent (no words) graphic novel and I am ecstatic to see the immigrant experience told through pictures.

Lastly, I am currently audiobooking Turtles All the Way Down by John Green and hope to finish this tomorrow while I work or on Saturday while I clean.  This will definitely be completed by the end of the weekend. I am buddy reading this with a friend and we are having similar feelings about some of the characters.

I am attempting to complete all of my already started books this weekend, so that I can go into November with a clean slate for the Read-a-thin Readathon that’s happening all month.  My TBR for this readathon will be up very soon.

What are you planning on reading this weekend?  Are you participating in any readathons in November?  Let’s talk in the comments.

Much Love,



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