Blogmas Day 7: How I Got My Son to Enjoy Reading

Hey y’all! Today for Blogmas Day 7 I wanted to do something that is a little different for me.  I wanted to talk about how I got my son reading. Mayson is 8, which you know if you saw my Blogmas Day 3 post.  Mayson has ADHD and is very intelligent (and not in the my kid is better than yours way).  Before I give my tips, I want to stress that I am in no way a parenting expert, hell, I’m still trying to figure the intricacies out (and I probably will forever).  What I do know is that I always do what works for us and I wanted to share those with you in this post.  Here are three things I did that helped Mays discover that reading is super cool.

I read in front of Mays – Mayson always sees me reading.  When he was younger, I only read after he was asleep because that was the only time he got moving. Now that he is older, I can sit down and read a lot more during his waking hours.  He sometimes even comes and lays across the bed with me and we read.  The more he saw me read, the more he was curious about what this “boring” reading stuff was about.  Now I catch him reading even when I am not.  And if it’s a Diary of a Wimpy kid book that he’s started, I literally have to just turn the light off on  him at bedtime.

We go to the library often – We go to the library about once a week.  We browse the shelves, play on the computers, and even pick movies.  We love our local libraries.  During the summer, we used to have a set day that we went every week but this school year has been a little hectic and the days vary, but we still try to make it once a week.  At first he dreaded the library days, but after a while he looked forward to them and what he might find.  He even occasionally has an idea of what he wants before he gets there. Now he wants a phone so he can listen to audiobooks (ain’t happening, but it’s a cute sentiment).

Lastly, this one I deem the most important

He reads what he enjoys – This should be obvious but it’s not. We all want our kids to read the classics like Charlotte’s Web and Beverly Cleary books (these were my favorites) or Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. This is especially true once they really figure out reading and you want to give them all the chapter books.  The book series that got Mays to enjoy reading was….Captain Underpants.  Yes, with all the toilet and fart humor he flew through these books and hasn’t turned back.  These were not my first choice, but he seemed to enjoy them, so I kept buying them.  I think it’s important that he gets to craft his own reading taste.  As he has been consistently enjoying reading he, like many young boys, likes those weird science and history books, so I buy them. There will come a time where he’ll be required to read books but I decided to start out his reading journey with him picking up what he likes.  I also, don’t make him finish books. If he says he’s not enjoying it, he puts it down.  Sometimes he goes back to them, and sometimes he doesn’t. I wish I could DNF books like him.

The point of this post is not to be like “If you are reader obsessed, here is how to get your kid to read too!” No, in reality all I want for Mays is for him to enjoy reading.  To pick up a book occasionally that he is not required to read when he gets older.  If he becomes an avid reader, cool. If not, that’s cool too. I just want to help him discover the power of books and reading.

what are some ways you get your child to read? Also, what are some book series that your kids love or that you loved as a kid? Let’s chat in the comments.

Much Love,


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