Blogmas Day 10: TV Shows I Love

Hey y’all! Sorry this is a day late but you know, mom life. Anyway, today I want to talk about all of the TV Shows that I absolutely love!  I don’t watch a lot of tv, but when I do, this is what I watch more often than not.

Image result for the office meme kelly kapoor

The Office – I mean anyone who was in their early 20’s in the early 2000’s loves this show.  It is absolutely hilarious and I love this TV show. My favorite character is definitely Kelly Kapoor. I would give a favorite episode but how could I possible choose just one.

Image result for the golden girls meme

The Golden Girls – I LOVE this show! I could watch this over and over again.  How could you not like Sophia? The banter and the one liners in this show are awesome and timeless.

Image result for martin tv show meme

Martin- This show has so much sentimental value and I can always turn to it when I want to laugh so hard I cry.  My brother and I quote this show often because it was a pretty big part of us growing up. If I come across it while I’m watching TV, I always stop and watch.

and last but definitely not least

Image result for friends memes unagi

Friends (duh!) – I love Friends.  Ross Gellar is the worse but I still can’t help but love this show. I watch it pretty much every night before bed and laugh like I’ve never heard the jokes before.  I think the Unagi episode may be my favorite, but how could I possibly name a favorite really?

These are some of my favorite shows.  What do you enjoy watching? Let’s chat in the comments.

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