Picture Book Review: The Day That A Ran Away by B.C.R. Fegan

While Mrs May is checking her stThe Day That A Ran Awayudents’ homework, she notices that Jet hasn’t managed to write down the letters of the alphabet. Instead of providing a familiar excuse, Jet offers Mrs May an elaborate story about how every letter happened to leave his page while he was walking to school that morning.

The Day That A Ran Away clearly and cleverly moves through the alphabet from A to Z. Each page has a number of items to find and the simple rhyme on each page will help readers remember the letter sequence. The story also touches gently on the concept of homework and the importance of making an effort. (Review from publisher)

B.C.R. Fegan is slowly becoming a favorite picture book author. He takes pretty standard picture book topics but adds a twist to them. In this particular story, it appears Jet has not done his homework, but Jet insist that it is a mistake. “A” ran away and the other letters followed!

I love picture books that rhyme because they give the book an easy rhythm when you read them aloud.  This book is an excellent read for preschoolers and the illustrations are some of my favorite. Each letter has a ugly doll, monster type quality that lends to each letter having a different personality.

If you are looking for a unique spin on a standard ABC story then I would definitely recommend this book and this author. I have read two of his books so far and I have enjoyed them both thoroughly. This would also make an excellent edition to classroom libraries.

This book was released on September 1 and is available on Amazon.

****This book was sent to me by the publisher for a free and honest review.******

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