Blogmas Day 5: Book Review: Borne by Jeff Vandermeer

Borne (Borne #1)

Rachael lives with her boyfriend in the cliffs in a world that is basically a wasteland. While out on a scavenging one day she comes across a thing. It looks like a plant but it breathes like an animal. She decides to bring it home. Through Rachel’s point of view, we are able to watch Borne grow and discover what exactly Borne is. 

This was my first book by Jeff Vandermeer and I did enjoy his writing very much.  The world building was good and interesting and the characters were intriguing and we really got to know them.  Borne as a character was absolutely lovable and I loved watching him grow and change and really get to figure out what his motivations were and why he did what he did. Rachel as a character wasn’t my favorite but I did understand at least why she behaved and made the choices that she did. 

The wasteland world and the creatures that were produced by “The Company” were all so interesting and the author was able to give just enough information about what the Company is without giving it all away. 

The thing that lagged for me was the pacing of the book.  This was more of a character study, however, there is a plot in the story. There were times where the plot did not seem to be going anywhere. This made this a slower read for me, although overall this did not take away from the enjoyment too much. 

Overall, I do recommend this book for people who enjoy a more biological sci-fi. This hit the nerdy spot for me and although it’s not super plot heavy, I enjoyed the characters enough to keep reading.

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