What to Read Wednesday: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Hey y’all! I have decided to try a new series called What to Read Wednesday, of which I discuss backlist books that I think are totally worth reading. For the first book in this series I am choosing Scythe by Neal Shusterman.

Scythe is set in a utopian society that has overcome all forms of death and disease. In order to control population, people called Scythes are used to kill certain people based on the individual Scythe’s criteria. The society is controlled by the Thunderhead, which is all seeing and all knowing.

Here are 3 reasons why you definitely should pick up this book.

  1. The characters are so compelling.  Citra and Rowan have slowly become some of my favorite characters I have ever read. I enjoy that they are not black and white but there is definitely a lot of gray in them. I thought that their story arcs were just amazing.
  2. The political intrigue. The system that is suppose to be perfect is definitely flawed due to there still being free will and human nature in effect. Also, with the addition of the Thunderhead, the omniscient being that holds all the information of the world, there is still so much that can go wrong.
  3. Neal Shusterman’s writing. Neal Shusterman was able to craft a story that was not only plot driven but also character driven. The balance in this novel was impeccable. Also, this book made me evaluate so many things in our society. The themes of religion, perfection, and moral turpitude were so relevant to today without ever being heavy handed.

If you can’t tell, I love this book. Once I finished Scythe, I immediately picked up the sequel Thunderhead because the book kinda of ended on a cliffhanger and I was compelled to pick up the second one immediately. The third, and I believe last, book in the series comes out sometime this year and I am eagerly awaiting its release.

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