Review: The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh

The Beautiful (The Beautiful, #1)

Celine is fleeing Paris via a ship to New Orleans to stay at a convent until she can find a husband that can marry her. While in New Orleans she gets swept up with the Court of Lions and their handsome leader Bastien, when there is a series of murders in New Orleans during Carnival season.

This was the return of the vampires, according to the marketing. An in a way it was but it wasn’t. There was a subtlety to the vampires in the story where it was a lot more inference than just outright vampires. Also, the murder mystery is the main point of the story, with a hate to love story in there. Vampires just happen to be in the story.

I really liked Celine as a character. She was strong and stubborn but I felt like we got a full understanding of why she was like that. I liked the mysterious way that Bastien was presented so you were left really unsure about who he really was until the end. Also, I enjoyed the chapters from the perspective of the person doing the crime. It left me trying to guess who exactly was talking. Who I initially thought it was on those chapters was completely wrong. And I like to be wrong when I’m guessing.

Here’s the thing about Ahdieh’s writing, it can be overly descriptive and we can spend half a page describing things. This can get tedious, however this was much better than in the Wrath and the Dawn duology. I really saw her growth with this one. The ending was a great setup for the next book in the series.

Overall, what I will say is if you’re expecting a book a la Twilight where vampires are expressly mentioned in the story, you will most definitely be disappointed. However, if you like a good murder mystery set in a historical time period, I don’t know how you couldn’t like this.

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