Will I Continue? Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

In a world that the villain has won, the classes are distinct and the lower classes are suffering. Vin is part of the lower class but she is also a mistborn, meaning that she has a magical ability. Vin aligns herself with Kelseir and his crew to overthrow the empire.

Once I got my teeth sunk into the world I was hooked. I thought Vin was a great complex character. She had vulnerability with the impulsiveness of a teenager. It felt very true. Kelseir and his squad were a great addition for learning the world and occasionally comic relief. One thing I really liked was how the world was laid out and the whole magic system was fascinating. Allomancy had me wanting to know so much about it.

I felt the romance was a little unnecessary, but in the end it kind of made since because that character needed to stay a part of the equation some way. Also, I felt that there was a lot that happened after the climax of the story, so the book felt a little overly long at that point.

So, will I continue? Yes, but it isn’t an absolute top priority.

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