Will I Continue? Tower of Babel Trilogy by Josiah Bancroft

Hey y’all! Today I am back with a “Will I Continue?” This is a series where I read the first book in a series and decide if I plan on continuing in the series. I really want to complete some series this year and also, I want to be stronger with not finishing series I don’t care about.

The Tower of Babel series begins with Senlin Ascends. Thomas Senlin is the headmaster in his tiny fishing village. It has been his dream to visit the illusive Tower of Babel. Now recently married, Thomas and his wife Marya go to the Tower of Babel for their honeymoon. As they are making their way to the tower, Thomas and Marya are separated in the marketplace as they make their way to the tower and this is where the story begins.

I started listening to this via audio which wasn’t the best route for me, but I think it was a personal preference thing. The book was a fun premise and the ideas were great. Thomas Senlin is such an awesome character and I enjoyed his growth throughout the book. The characterization of all of the characters was my favorite thing about the book. I also was intrigued by the world building of the Tower. It was so cool to see the different areas of the Tower and there is so much more to learn and see about the Tower and the politics of the Tower. Everything was laid out really well.

What I didn’t enjoy was the pacing. I thought that the book was slow and there wasn’t a lot of action until we get to the end. There were moments of peril throughout but the stakes didn’t seem high enough. I was able to get through it but I wanted to care more.

Will I Continue?……… Maybe. I care so much about Thomas and I really want to know what will/is happening with Marya. Will Thomas be reunited with her? What has she been doing? What does the rest of the Tower look like? These are questions that I would eventually like to know the answers to. I think since I am so invested in the main characters and what happens to them, I think the stakes will feel higher in the last two books.

Have you read this trilogy? What are your thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments.

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