Audiobook Resources

Hey y’all! Today I wanted to give you some recommendations for audiobook and some resources on where to obtain audiobooks. Also, I’m gonna give you some audiobooks that are worth the listen.

Scribd ( – This is a monthly subscription service that’s $8.99 plus tax per month. You have unlimited quantity of books that you can consume. The catch is that the catalog is rotating, meaning that some of the more popular book titles are not available all the time. Also, this is not a comprehensive catalog so you won’t have access to every audiobook out there. I love this service because in addition to audiobooks, they have ebooks, docs, sheet music, and podcast. I usually have a long list of saved books that I want to get to through this service. You don’t own these books, you borrow them. Scribd is currently offering free 30 day trial subscription during the quarantine as of the date of this post. I don’t know how long this offer is going to last.

Audible ( – This is a monthly subscription service that’s $14.99 plus tax per month. You receive one credit per month and that allows you to purchase an audiobook from their extensive catalog. There are even audible exclusives, which are books that were recorded exclusively for audible. You can also purchase additional credits for a fee. With audible you are the owner of the book and will have it forever. I like audible but it’s a little pricey in my opinion. Audible is offering a limited catalog of free audiobooks for children – teens through for the time being.

Overdrive/Libby – This is a service offered through your local library. You do need a library card to use these services. I LOVE this. Everything is free and you check out the books like you would any other library book, but you can do it from your phone. The size of the catalog is dependent on the size of your library system. Also, there are usually ebooks and movies available for check out via the app. I know you can get the Libby app on your fire stick and watch movies through it. This is one of the best resources and it helps your local libraries.

Hoopla ( – This is another service offered through some libraries. It’s the same as Overdrive/Libby where it offers a large catalog of books. Most libraries limit the number of checkouts you can get each month. In addition to audiobooks, you can also get ebooks and music albums. This catalog is pretty universal with what the offerings are from the library.

These are some of my favorite audiobook services that I use. There are others out there but I don’t know much about them.

Have you ever tried audiobooks? Let’s chat in the comments.

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