Blog Tour: Take It Back by Kia Abdullah

Take It Back

Zara is a former barrister who is now a victim advocate after a trauma caused her to leave the profession. She is dealing with her ultra conservative Muslim family and trying to figure out what she is doing with her life. When Jodie, a 16 year old with a facial disfigurement, comes to her and tells of a brutal rape involving four Muslim boys, we are taken on a suspenseful ride about rape culture and staying loyal to your community and what that means.

I really liked the story. Zara is unlikable and mysterious. You spend part of the book trying to figure out why she left her high paying job to do good. And also, what exactly good is. As a Muslim woman herself, the fact that she was going “against her community” for believing Jodie. I really enjoyed the way that religion and community were discussed. I also liked how Zara’s relationship with her family and her community were handled. Things got really intense.

There was so much misogyny in this book but it didn’t seem unnecessary and was challenged often. Rape culture was obviously discussed and I liked that the topic that was discussed differed from other books about rape culture. I don’t want to get into it because of spoilers. Also, there were a couple of plot twist at the end that I really enjoyed and didn’t expect at all.

The misogyny and the actual rape are pretty brutal on page and there were a few other things that made me uncomfortable, so I would definitely go in knowing what I was getting.

Overall, this is a great suspenseful, courtroom drama that looks into issues that we see often, but was done with a new hand. I definitely would recommend this.

****Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for an advanced copy for free. This didn’t change my opinion on the book at all.****


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