Review: Won’t Go Home Without You by Cheris Hodges

Won't Go Home Without You
Kensington Books
January 26, 2021
320 pages
The Richardson Sisters

Robin Richardson Baptiste left her husband six months ago after receiving information that her husband was cheating on her and had a baby by another woman.
Dr. Logan Baptiste can’t figure out why someone is not only trying to sabotage his marriage but also his career. He would never hurt Robin that way.
Does Robin really believe Logan’s story that he would never cheat on her? Can she forgive him? Is their love for each other strong enough?

Y’all I enjoyed my time with this book so much! The love between Robin and Logan was so sweet and realistic. Seeing the flashbacks of how they met in college and their immediate devotion to each other was the best. I liked how realistic the emotions were between them and how they were able to come together.

This is the second book in the Richardson Sister’s series and I just love this family so much. The sisters really stick together and also allow each other to make their own decisions. Sheldon, the women’s father, is such a good patriarch and it’s great to see a Black family dynamic like this.

One thing I didn’t like was the will they/won’t they. I felt it went on entirely too long and the back and forth got a little frustrating, especially since I was pretty sure which direction Robin was leaning. The resolution to the “mystery” type plotline was a little fast and convenient for my taste. I mean I know it wasn’t the main focus but if they hadn’t gone back and forth about whether they were gonna be together so long, we could have fleshed that out a little more.

Overall, I will totally continue this series and I have questions for the author. Which sister is next? Will Sheldon get his own book? The foundation for last two sister’s romance has been laid over and I can’t wait for them to come out. I highly recommend this series, Owner of a Broken Heart, is the first in the series.

***I received this free from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. The views expressed are my own.****


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