Review: The Awakening of Malcolm X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Tiffany D. Jackson

The Awakening of Malcolm X
FSG for Young Readers
January 5, 2021
YA Historical Fiction
288 pages

Malcolm X is just a teenager when he is arrested and sent to prison. He will spend most of his 20’s in prison where the ideas he is known for are forming. In this fictional account, authored by Malcolm X’s daughter, follows hism as he is awakened to his full potential.

“Wake up Malcolm”

This was so good. I’ve often heard tidbits of Malcom X’s time in prison, but this was pretty in depth and I learned so much about that time. I think this is well written and paced well. I really enjoyed the flashback we got of when he was younger and at home with his family. Especially seeing how his family coped after his father was murdered. My favorite part was watching Malcolm come into his own and truly for his ideals that he would be known.

I think my only complaint would be I wanted to know what came next. This is truly a testament to how well this story was told.

Overall, this is an excellent young adult entry point to the life of Malcolm X. I will definitely be hiding and recommending this to everyone. Teachers, I would absolutely add this to your classroom collection.

Much Love,


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