Non-fiction Review: You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism

You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories about Racism
Grand Central Publishing
240 pages
January 2021

This hilarious memoir told by Amber Ruffin about her sister Lacey Lamar’s experiences living in Nebraska. These stories will make you laugh, cry, and infuriate the hell out of you.

Y’all! I laughed so hard at parts of this book I had to put it down because I was laughing so hard. There were so many relatable moments in this book and experience I myself have had that all I could do was laugh to keep from crying or being mad. The stories range from absolutely ridiculous to blatantly unapologetically racist. But one thing about all of the experience discussed in the book was that they were all believable.

Amber Ruffin’s writing was so good and personable. I absolutely devoured this book one evening and I am absolutely not a fast reader in the least bit, but I could not put it down. To be able to write something that is genuinely funny and not try-hard is an absolute talent. I also, really enjoyed the interjections that Lacey made in the book to tell her own stories.

If you couldn’t tell I absolutely recommend this book to everyone. I recommend it to Black people because sometimes we need to know we aren’t alone in our experiences. And there are so many things that are universally Black. I recommend this to white people because I believe it can shed some light on microaggressions that seem just normal par for the course and that you believe “aren’t that bad.” While I read the physical book, I have heard the audiobook is phenomenal. So maybe try that.

****Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the review copy. Please know that all the opinions expressed in this review are my own.****


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