Review: The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

The Perfect Marriage
Bloohound Books, 2020

Sarah and Adam have a great marriage or maybe not. Sarah is a high powered defense attorney who Adam resents because he is a failed writer. When Adam’s mistress turns up murdered, Sarah is the only one who can get Adam to not be convicted of her murder. *duh duh duuuuhhh* (LOL)

I really enjoyed my time with this thriller. The sign of a good thriller, for me, is coming up with theories. I had so many while I was reading and texted my friend several times to confirm how correct I was. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t guess anything correctly.) The pacing wasn’t break neck but it was steady. The timing of the reveals were great and I didn’t guess the ending at all.

The dual perspective really enhanced the story even though neither character is particularly likable. One thing I didn’t really like is that some of the red herrings were obvious. Also, there’s a whole thing that happens that seemed to come out of nowhere. While I didn’t guess the ending, some of the ending reveals were convoluted. I still had fun though.

I listened to this on audio and it was fine. I didn’t absolutely love the audiobook but I was able to get through it. If I had the option, I would have read it physically.

Overall, I think this is a good thriller for people who don’t read them often. A person who reads a lot of thrillers may find this predictable. Additionally, there is a level of suspension of disbelief required but I still highly recommend.


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