She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

She Drives Me Crazy
Roaring Brook Press, 2021
288 pages

Disdain to Love? Yup! Sapphic? Yup! Forced close proximity? Uh huh. Fake dating? Heck yeah.

She Drives Me Crazy is a YA Contemporary about Scottie who has just broken up with her girlfriend. While leaving her basketball game, she gets in a fender bender with the head cheerleader and her nemesis, Irene. The must ride together to school for a couple of days and that’s when Scottie comes up with an idea that will make her ex jealous and benefit Irene with her bid for Student Athlete of the Year.

As y’all know I don’t read a lot of YA Contemporary unless it has a little something extra. And this did just that. This was so much more than a sapphic love story. This explores coming out, mean girl culture, parental expectations, and how to deal with grief after a break up. Each topic that was approached and dealt with in a satisfactory way. There was one scene/plot point that could have went in a terrible direction. it was handled with communication and care that I rarely see in YA novel. And can we talk about present parents in the story. It was great.

I listened to this on audio, even though I had an advanced copy. The audio was an engaging listen.

Overall, I definitely recommend this adorable love story. Scottie and Irene are the absolute cutest and I loved that this was a contemporary that tackles so many other things that are important in YA contemporary.


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