Review: Won’t Go Home Without You by Cheris Hodges

Kensington BooksJanuary 26, 2021Romance 320 pagesThe Richardson Sisters Robin Richardson Baptiste left her husband six months ago after receiving information that her husband was cheating on her and had a baby by another woman. Dr. Logan Baptiste can't figure out why someone is not only trying to sabotage his marriage but also his career. He … Continue reading Review: Won’t Go Home Without You by Cheris Hodges

Friday Reads June 26

Hey y'all!! What's up! I wanted to come today to do a Friday Reads for y'all! I have been a reading machine this week and I wanted to do my usual Friday post. I finished 4 books this week so far and will probably be finishing a fifth today. I'm really trying to finish my current reads before the Pop Culture Readathon starts on July 1st. TBR coming for that soooooonnnn! Anyway, here is my Friday reads.